Friday, January 06, 2006

My Take on the Daniel Thing

My pastor woke up to a radio report on the controversy on The Book of Daniel, a new show on NBC. He blogged about his own frustrations with Chrisitans and cultural reactions, which you can read in his own words here.
Well, we watched it, figuring we would probably like it. We saw no problem with the idea of Jesus being there for people, real problems being shown, and all that kind of thing. We actually kind of liked it for the first 20 minutes or so. After a few problems, habits, secrets and so forth were presented, we were rather prepared for some resolution, including some good insight from the "special guest," Jesus. Thing is, as nice as Jesus was on the show, and as much as the words and ways he said his words were right on, no one seemed to be all that affected by them. His "presence" on the show was more like Tinkerbelle or Jiminy Cricket or a fuzzy teddy bear to carry around. No one seemed to talk about any of their problems except for the gay son, and no one seemed to have any kind of conscience or guilt. There was very little kindness from anyone, but Jesus, the Pastor, and Peter, either. After awhile, it just got to be a parade of one escape route (ie: booze, pills, sex, computers, sex, adultery, theft, drug use, etc.) after another, which was so ridiculous (and kinda boring). Nothing really drew you in long enough to be interested. Rather than showing some creative way of dealing with real problems, it seemed to say nothing matters and no one is ever really honest. Well done, but shallow and ultimately irritating content. We don't even get a chance to know any of the characters except the priest, a little bit.
I have to give it some thought, but those are my initial reactions. We won't worry about missing it. If I want to watch something like this, I would rather see Desperate Housewives.

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